Enjoy delicious Indian Curries provided to you direct


"Love the Lamb Rogan Josh. The flavour is authentic and delicious, the lamb is so tender with the sauce rich and hearty. Serving sizes are very generous" "The quality of food is outstanding. The Butter Chicken is a family favourite with the chicken moist and tender." "The curries from The Kumar's Indian Cuisine are delicious, rich and spicy with the flavours perfectly blended and authentic" "It's all about Indian Cuisine - the food is authentic, delicious, rich and spicy and all about flavour"

Melissa J - Hallett Cove
OMG!!! That was the most delectable meal, shared by 3 persons and not a solitary piece left!!!! All comments were most appreciative - please put me down for 1kg more of the butter chook Ash. I have your container and the moolah on my desk in the Call Centre and I will endeavour to see you during the course of the day………YUM!

Sophia - Mitcham
Wow! We just tried the Butter Chicken....it was amazing!!! The flavours were just perfect. We will definitely be coming back for more. it was soooo yummy!! Thanks for giving me a night off cooking

Sally - Craigburn Farm
Having tried the Chicken, the Lamb and the Beef I am left with the feeling that I will have no need to go further than Kumar's Kitchen for my curry fix! Superb cuisine coupled with excellent value for money - hard to beat in my opinion!

Sophia T - Lower Mitcham
"I enjoyed both the beef and the lamb curries so much that I would like to order some more. Let me know when I can order the chicken and the lamb (again). I will definitely spread the word!

Mary Anne
The beef curry was delish, seriously brilliant. Just saying

Jo S
We had a curry night and thanks to you it was a success, everyone loved the curries.

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